Septic Tank Treatment

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Septic PacketsLenzyme Septic Packets

Lenzyme helps to replenish the natural bacterial needed to keep your septic system in balance. Each annual supply contains 12 pre-measured packets, 12 calendar reminder stickers and a reorder card. Educational brochures explaining septic systems are available from your contractor. Lenzyme packets were professionally designed to be a clean and convenient method to treat septic systems. Each packet comes with the directions printed right on them. One packet per month will treat up to a 1,200 gallon septic system. They can be used to treat Conventional, ATU, Cesspool, and Mound Septic Systems. Lenzyme can also be used to treat drainfields, home drains, seepage ditches, lagoons and lift stations. Each packet contains billions of highly specialized strains of bacteria to digest proteins, grease, oil, fats, pectins, gums, papers, fibers, and starches. Plus our formula contains proprietary ingredients to help with the complete waste biodegradation process.


Drainfield Rejuvenation Septic KitDrainfield Rejuvenation Septic Kit

If you have a field that is experiencing septic problems due to bio-mat build up, then use our exclusive Septic Kit with 2 bottles of Septic Scrub and 1 bottle of our DBA (Drainfield Biological Activator). Septic Scrub's unique ingredients attack the bio-mat buildup and have a reaction with the sulfides. In most cases the bio-mat is destroyed by this process. The Drainfield Biological Activator is a special blended bacteria added to restore the soil's biological activity which is depleted during the reaction process. Once restored the bacteria attack the left over organic matter in the field. There after, treatments with our Lenzyme packets every month are required to keep up the system's biological activity.

Grease Solutions - TrapCleerGrease Solutions - TrapCleer

Restaurant and Municipal locations are looking for ways to control grease build up problems in their drain, sewer lines and grease traps. Solve grease problems with our Liquid TrapCleer and our automated dosing system. The system is simple to setup. Can be set for product to last up to 4 months. Designed for indoor traps and out door traps. Liquid TrapCleer is the highest quality concentrated grease solution available. Our special bacteria are designed to break grease molecules down to their simplest form and then consume the grease. It is absolutely the most potent biological grease product on the market. Also available in powder formulations and in 10 lb. grease blocks.

Root ControlRoot Control

Treat root problems before they close off your plumbing system. With an unique foaming action, Rootx reaches the top of the pipe where 90% of the root intrusion occurs. Surfactants in the Rootx formula strip away grease and grime on the roots, and an EPA registered herbicide kills the roots on contact. Rootx will not harm the plant, only the direct roots it comes in contact with. Rootx continues to work for up to 12 months.

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